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The Great Njege 2 Rescue!

In January of this year, we embarked on a rather unconventional mission...

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In January of this year, we embarked on a rather unconventional mission – we winched our beloved boat, the Njege 2, up approximately 25 meters above the river level. The purpose? To protect her from the imminent rise of the Nyerere Dam waters, which were expected to take two years to fill. Fast forward to September, and you won't believe the astonishing turn of events. The dam has already pushed back about a kilometer past our boat's resting place, right up to Shughuli Falls. This blog post takes you on a thrilling journey, where we find ourselves facing a unique set of challenges, including underwater roads, drone rescues, crocodiles, and even elephant bombs.

Our first challenge was to get back to the Njege 2, but the majority of the road is now submerged, making it extremely dangerous to traverse these waters. With determination and a hint of desperation, we decided to deploy our trusty drone to locate our boat. Miraculously, we found her afloat, with the stern and transom sticking out of the water, indicating that the bow was still chained to the log.

Rescuing our boat was a daunting task. To free it from the log, we needed to jump in with a bolt cutter and sever the lock or chain holding it in place. However, there was a much larger problem lurking in the water: crocodiles. The situation had reached a point where we required assistance from the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), who agreed to join us and employ a unique method for scaring away the reptilian threat.

TANAPA's unconventional approach involved the use of "elephant bombs" and firing shots into the water. While it might sound bizarre, this technique was intended to create a disturbance in the vicinity and drive the crocodiles away. Though unusual, it had a high likelihood of success.

Our mission to rescue the Njege 2 took many unexpected turns, with challenges that few could have foreseen. As we prepared to confront the crocodiles and free our boat from its chained predicament, we can't help but marvel at the adventures and misadventures that life can throw our way. It's a reminder that even in the face of the unexpected, we must stay resilient, adaptable, and, above all, never lose our sense of adventure.

Check out our video to watch this remarkable story filled with fun, games, and the spirit of unyielding determination. the Njege 2 rescue was one for the books!



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