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Majestic Rivers Exploration

In November 2021, I was honoured to receive a phone call from Keven Stander asking if I could come through to his new lodge....

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In November 2021, I was honoured to receive a phone call from Keven Stander asking if I could come through to his new lodge, Majestic Rivers, to prospect the fishery on the Kilombero, Which is by no means a secret river, but in every way, an unexplored one when it comes to fly-fishing. Having worked seven seasons upriver, I was very excited to get onto the water and see what was down Majestic Rivers' side! 

I arrived in Dar es Salaam and was driven into camp by Benson, one of the more fascinating people I have met in my life. On the drive-in, I learned all about everything and anything, from Latin sayings to Tanzanian history - Benson's credentials are as impressive as the man himself and it is comforting to know a man who has had so much to do with the Selous, is involved in this project. 

When I arrived at camp, I was immediately impressed by the amount of water, endless island after island and beautiful scenery. The task of identifying a single method to catch the multiple species of fish spread over rapids, pools, waterfalls, sandbanks, log jams etc., was going to take more than the week I had. But, here are a few things that I know for sure: I had spectacular sight fishing at one of the (and my favourite) labeobarbus species, I successfully dapped a Vundu on fly which has to be a first! It also looks like it could be a consistent method for future fly-fishermen and must be one of the only places on the globe where this is possible. Tiger fishing is something that will only grow with the knowledge that comes from time on the water. Lionel Song, who is based in the camp will expedite this progress rapidly. I did catch a number of more than adequate sized tigers and I am eager to return his year to continue exploring. Something that is unique about Majestic Rivers is that you can fish on foot, on the boat, and you can drive to more water in the vehicle or boat - you have many options. 

It was really great to be a part of a new thing in a very old place. We found ancient pottery on a number of islands, we saw all the game that could be expected from the Selous including a very nice sighting of a leopard on the way out of camp. 

Amongst many things, Keven is a renowned Hotelier and it is refreshing to see his vast knowledge gained is making its way into a safari camp, all the small details being tended to and a well-equipped lodge with great accommodation and meals. 

This will be a fantastic destination and I look forward to spending more time in the Kilombero waters at Majestic Rivers.



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