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It Was Time For A Change!

Our commitment to constant improvement extends beyond our camp facilities...

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At Majestic Rivers, our commitment to constant improvement extends beyond our camp facilities—it extends to our branding as well. After careful consideration, we determined that it was time for a refresh of our logo, aligning it more closely with our identity and values.

During the deliberation process, we engaged in numerous discussions and revisions, but one main feature we couldn't lose was the majestic Tigerfish. Its symbolism of strength, agility, and resilience still resonates with our team so we decided to work around it again!

With much enthusiasm, we embarked on the creative journey of bringing this vision to life. 

Countless sketches and alterations later: 


We are super stoked to unveil the culmination of our efforts! 

So, keep an eye out for our beautifully illustrated Tigerfish/logo, because it's set to make a splash across all platforms, symbolizing our ongoing dedication to excellence and bringing you one of Tanzania's top fishing destinations. 






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